Manager, Editorial and Content


KaiPod Learning is creating a microschool network where students learn at their own pace using a digital curriculum, get in-person academic support from an educator, and socialize with their peers.

We support microschools in two different ways.

  • We operate learning pods across the country, where students gather at KaiPod Learning Centers, working on a personalized learning curriculum and benefiting from the guidance of highly qualified Learning Coaches.
  • We partner with entrepreneurial founders to launch and grow microschools in their local communities. Our partners operate unique microschools relying on proven pedagogies (e.g., project-based, Montessori) targeting specific student audiences (e.g., gifted students, neurodiverse students, student-athletes).

Through this work, KaiPod Learning will connect 1 million students around the world through the power of microschooling.

The name KaiPod comes from the Greek word kairos, which means “the right time to act.” After the pandemic, millions of parents are saying this is the right time for them to act and choose a better learning environment for their child. Learn more about our company here.

We are backed by YCombinator, Reach Capital, and several other top venture firms.


We are launching a new initiative to provide education, resources, and other content focusing on personalized education, inspiring educators and other passionate individuals to start their own learning environment, such as a Microschool.

We’re searching for an experienced senior content professional with a proven track record in leadership who is passionate about developing educational content that resonates, educates, and provokes thought. If you excel in crafting stories and educational materials that are engaging, insightful, and thought-provoking and can connect deeply with our mission of transforming education, we’d love to meet you.

You’ll be responsible for helping to execute a content strategy that aligns with our mission and inspires and educates our community of educators and supporters. This role will report directly to the Director of Marketing and Content.

Please note this is a part-time, contract position for an initial period of up to six months. The anticipated hours per week are 15-20.

  • Content Strategy and Production: Develop and produce a wide range of content types, including articles, short-form videos, printables, and other visual content, that support and enhance our mission.
  • Freelance Talent Management: Help recruit and manage diverse freelance creators to produce high-quality educational content.
  • Performance Analysis: Monitor content performance using analytics tools to inform editorial strategy and identify opportunities for new and impactful stories.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Work closely with the marketing, communications, and design teams to brainstorm engagement strategies. Ensure content is aligned with overall organizational goals and effectively distributed across social media and other platforms.


  • Extensive experience in content creation and editorial management, focusing on K-12 education. You’re an equal parts writer, storyteller, and strategist with the ability to shape nascent, interesting concepts into compelling content that builds on our mission and reputation.
  • Deep understanding of topics, including STEM, neurodiversity, outdoor education, free play, and other personalized education strategies.
  • Demonstrated ability to leverage SEO tools and strategies to increase content reach and audience engagement.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills, with a proven track record of managing productive teams and projects.
  • Skillful use of generative AI tools for content optimization, applying them appropriately and responsibly.
  • Competency with SEO tools such as Yoast, SEM Rush, and UberSuggest for content optimization.
  • Proficiency in project management platforms like Asana to streamline content workflows and enhance team collaboration.