Freelance Content Contributors, K-12 Personalized Education Topics


KaiPod Learning is creating a microschool network where students learn at their own pace using a digital curriculum, get in-person academic support from an educator, and socialize with their peers.

We support microschools in two different ways.

  • We operate learning pods across the country, where students gather at KaiPod Learning Centers, working on a personalized learning curriculum and benefiting from the guidance of highly qualified Learning Coaches.
  • We partner with entrepreneurial founders to launch and grow microschools in their local communities. Our partners operate unique microschools relying on proven pedagogies (e.g., project-based, Montessori) targeting specific student audiences (e.g., gifted students, neurodiverse students, student-athletes).

Through this work, KaiPod Learning will connect 1 million students around the world through the power of microschooling.

The name KaiPod comes from the Greek word kairos, which means “the right time to act.” After the pandemic, millions of parents are saying this is the right time for them to act and choose a better learning environment for their child. Learn more about our company here.

We are backed by YCombinator, Reach Capital, and several other top venture firms.


We are launching a new initiative to provide education, resources, and other content focusing on personalized education, inspiring educators and other passionate individuals to start their own learning environment, such as a Microschool.

We're assembling a select team of contributors with significant experience in various domains of K-12 education. We seek passionate creators, educators, and innovators with expertise in creating content focusing on personalized learning methodologies, project-based learning, STEM, outdoor education, free play, social-emotional learning, neurodiversity, and more.

As part of our team, you'll produce insightful content, from articles and short-form videos to interactive pieces and advice, aimed at educating and inspiring our growing community.

This is a part-time freelance independent contractor (1099) role. Compensation is based on the scope and deliverables of each project.

Role Responsibilities

  • Content Creation: Craft original, engaging content across various formats, including articles, videos, and printables, that resonate with our audience's interests and needs in personalized education.
  • Expert Guidance: Share your expertise and insights through advisory content, such as Q&A sessions or "Reddit-style" advice posts, providing valuable guidance to educators and founders of new learning environments.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with our content team and other team members to ensure a diverse and comprehensive coverage of topics relevant to our mission.


  • Deep content and editorial expertise in one or more areas of K-12 personalized education, including but not limited to project-based learning, STEM, outdoor and nature learning, free play, social-emotional learning, and neurodiversity.
  • Strong writing and communication skills, with the ability to produce informative, engaging content tailored to a diverse audience.
  • Creativity in content creation, with skills in producing and collaborating on various content types, including written, video, and other formats.
  • A passion for educational innovation and a commitment to supporting others in the journey towards creating and sustaining personalized learning environments.
  • Any experience with Microschools and similar learning models is considered valuable.