Inner Fire Academy ( is a new microschool founded in 2023. We started as a single mixed-age classroom of up to eight 3rd-5th graders, and are looking to add a second classroom of up to eight K-2nd grade students.

We are seeking a full-time lead teacher to head the younger class. You will work alongside a Teaching Assistant (TA) to teach between 4-8 students in a mixed-age group spanning K through 2nd grade. As lead teacher, you will own full responsibility over every part of the school experience, including curriculum design and administrative responsibilities.

How Inner Fire Academy is Different:

  • We’re tiny: eight-student classes with two teachers each, which we believe creates a better educational environment. Our entire school is made up of two classrooms, 16 students, two lead teachers, and 2-4 part-time TAs.
  • We have indoor classroom space, but use public spaces for outdoor recess and PE
  • With small classes, we’re able to individualize curriculum and assignments to match students’ abilities and interests as needed. This in turn lets us support a mixed-age classroom.
  • We build a close community between our students’ families and our teaching staff, with parents frequently assisting or joining class activities (field trips, holiday parties, etc.)
  • You can find out more about Inner Fire on our website:

Teacher Role Responsibilities:

Teaching and Learning

  • Ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all students between the hours of 8-3PM.
  • Over the summer of 2024 develop curriculum across all subjects, particularly reading, arts, physical education, and social-emotional learning.
  • During the school year deliver designed curriculum and implement provided math curriculum with students.
  • Create a positive, dynamic, and nurturing social environment for all students.
  • Drive significant academic growth for all students.
  • Develop close, trusting relationships with families. Partner with them to ensure students' success.


  • You will be supported by 1-2 Teaching Assistants whom you will be responsible for developing and managing.
  • Find and manage substitute teachers for yourself and your TAs when needed.
  • Ensure an organized and clean learning environment that all students can easily navigate.

Desired Qualifications:

The ideal candidate is a current early elementary teacher looking for a more entrepreneurial and innovative learning environment. You want more ownership over the school experience and are excited to take on the additional responsibilities that come with it.

If you are not an elementary school teacher, you will need to make a very strong case for why you bring unique expertise and ability to learning a K-2 classroom, addressing the points below.

  • Prior full-time teaching experience in the K-2 age range is strongly preferred, as is certification.
  • Love of kids and deep patience and empathy. Please prepare concrete examples that demonstrate this capacity.
  • Passion for academic growth in all areas: you bring as much genuine enthusiasm to math as you do to art, to reading, to play, etc.
  • Comfort teaching in both unstructured and structured environments. We believe kids benefit from being given high autonomy (can be chaotic) as well as sometimes learning to follow the rules and work through non-preferred tasks (can meet resistance). You will need to manage both.

This is a full-time salaried position during the school year, plus flexible summer planning work.

Annual compensation ranges from $60,000-$85,000 commensurate with experience. Unfortunately we cannot offer benefits at this time.